What is the best way to network for business?


What should be the top goals for networking in business. Is it mainly to generate leads if you are trying to sell something or if your trying to look for a new job? Ive come to the point where I want to change careers but also established long term contacts to have as resources. How would I go about that?

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People often overlook the power of using networking to drive website traffic.  If you let them know that you have a free report online that they might be interested (after entering their email) then you can meet 20 people and know which 5 were really interested in what you had to offer.

Remember to make it easy and interesting or you will not get anyone interested.

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Good sales leads are one thing, but people don’t want to feel like you are always selling to them.

Try to identify who you might sell complementary products or services with, and then talk about joint sales opportunities with them. If there is something real there, you both win.

Source: Yahoo! Answers