When people set up their first business website they do what everyone does. They try to make it look professional and they try to cover all the obvious pages. Home, About Us, Products, Services, Contact

I might have missed one, but you get the idea.

But what makes a lead generation website different from a traditional website?

  1. A good lead generation website has clear goals.  It will capture sales leads or generate sales or it is a failure.  The traditional website cannot fail because there is no expectation for it to do anything.
  2. Lead generation websites are built with a call to action in mind.  They minimize distractions and focus on getting visitors to take action.
  3. Lead generation websites that are going to be successful have to have a combination of landing pages and search engine optimization strategies integrated into the system.
  4. Tracking and testing by website owner will help improve lead generation for the site over time.

These are the fundamental things that will be different in a lead generation website vs a traditional website.