A quick look around on the web for WordPress Lead Generation Themes tells you that there are not really WordPress themes developed by sales people. That is because most programmers and WordPress theme developers are technical people and do not understand how simplicity and clear calls to action beat out a busy, fancy WordPress theme any day.

The fact is, a WordPress theme that is build to produce good lead generation is not going to be too flashy.  It is going to focus on several things instead.

  1. Easy to customize – a WordPress theme for lead generation will be easy to customize for non-technical people.
  2. Easy to transfer – you must build your lead generation theme to be super easy to set up from site to site.  That is because rarely is one lead generation site enough for you to corner your market.
  3. Top SEO tools – the WordPress theme must not hurt SEO.  Many fancy, javascript heavey wordpress themes can actually damage your search engine ranking.
  4. Lots of ad space – combining WordPress widgets and php include files a WordPress theme for lead generation can be both flexible and easy to transfer and have a lot of flexibility in where to put the advertisements and calls to action.
  5. Sales page possibility – A good WordPress lead generation template is going to have the ability to build a traditional sales page without sidebars and links that can distract from closing the sale.

These are just some of the WordPress theme issues to think about if you want to use WordPress to generate leads.  If you are a member of Buzzoodle, remember you have access to these kinds of free WordPress themes in the membership area.