You might be asking yourself why we use WordPress for lead generation.  Here are some of the most obvious reasons.

  1. WordPress gets great Search Engine Optimization results.
  2. WordPress has free plugins and templates that can help you build the site you want.
  3. WordPress has great RSS
  4. WordPress has publishing tools that allow us to build a central interface to manage an empire of lead generation websites.
  5. WordPress is contstantly being developed and enhanced.
  6. Non-tech people can set up WordPress in under 2 minutes if they host on a place like Bluehost that has tools to make set up easy.
  7. WordPress Lead Generation Themes can be built and shared easily.

These are just some of the reasons that WordPress is the best option for building lead generation websites.  But don’t overlook the tools that can speed things up, target your audience better and improve your results – like the Buzzoolde lead generation system.